Your home is an investment in your future and at New England Homes we understand that the value of your home cannot and should not ever be understated. We embrace that concept and respond by offering Value, Trust and Commitment.

       Our 50+ year history evidences our commitment to quality, value and most importantly to you. Our goal is to not simply build a house but a house that you are proud to call your home.







Home Gallery


Look to our Home Gallery as a starting point to your journey. Exactly as shown, merely a concept or simply the place to begin a conversation each design requires your input to truly create your home.

We begin by carefully listening, with you and your family as the focus. What are you looking for and how will we assist you in working through the process, fine-tuning until the dream is realized? Blending concepts, process, talents, skills and know-how, all part of the New England Homes’ Commitment, creates your home. Others may offer a new home experience, which may be short term and short lived while a commitment, The New England Homes Commitment, will stand the test of time.


Your investment in a New England Home is one of quality and value. Your home is manufactured using the latest in advanced and preferred building systems. Our Preferred Building Systems manufacturing facility is state of the art and dedicated to the construction of the finest quality energy efficient new homes. Our staff and the materials they utilize make us an industry leader and provide the highest value to you. This is where we unite your vision and concepts with our manufacturing process. The result is your new home; one of quality and value, comfort and outstanding energy performance.




Presented by New England Homes your investment in quality and value. Your home will be manufactured using the most advanced preferred building systems. Our plant is state of the art; our pride as an industry leader focuses on the talent of our staff and the highest quality materials used to develop your home.

Pride for us equals

value to you.

Our commitment is preeminent in the industry; a commitment to management and care of materials and resources, energy efficiency, our staff and families, our Independent Builders and to you and your family.  Contact us and let us meet the test by proving that your choice of New England Homes is the best choice for not just your new home but for you and those you care for.